Music Business Consultant

"How do we put together a killer record company demo package that will get us signed?"

"How do I get a record deal that doesn't suck?"

"We're the biggest band in our hometown but, how do we get to the next step?"

"How can we have band meetings that don't end as smackdowns?"

"Do we need a manager? A booking agent? Publicist? Attorney? Merchandise deal? Music Video? Bus?

"How much commission should we have expect to pay a manager? Booking agent?"

"Do I have to share my publishing with my manager. How about with a record company?"

"Am I getting my fair share of this contract? Are the term and options structured in my favor?"

"What are mechanical royalties? What's a sync license?"

"Do I really need to copyright my songs? Is mailing to myself a valid way to do this"


"Should we record and release our own disc?"

"Digital or analog?"

"How can I get my music online with free downloads like MP3 files?"

"Should our bio and press kit contain all of our press clippings? Are color photos cool?"

"How do we approach our keyboard player about her excessive drinking at gigs?"

"I run an indie label with awesomely creative releases and nobody knows that we exist?"

"How can I make my packaging and presentation as exciting as my music?

"How can we tour and come home with money in our pockets?"

"What really does happen when you turn it up to eleven?"

For the answers to these questions and more, contact the BANDGURU

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